Mobile Dental Fleet


One World One Smile is the only Foundation working in Tanzania 365 days a year to help make dental care accessible to the most deprived population.

In 2014 when OWOS was founded we were aspiring to have one fully equipped mobile dental Clinic within the first 5 years.

By March 2015 we had realized that the need for a mobile clinic was too urgent as we were beginning to see how needed our services were throughout the country.

By March 2016 we have understood that one mobile dental clinic fully equipped as we had projected, would limit us too much timewise, without taking into account the consequences of mechanical failures which would paralyze our whole operation.

For us, the way to act efficiently in an emergency situation where the need is overwhelmingly desperate is to have multiple “simple” commercial vans that will allow us to transport our equipment as well as our auxiliary staff. That way, we can cover broader areas in the same time span.

In situ, and in coordination with the Ministry of Health, we will use the facilities such as dispensaries available, or even schools, to organize our camps. Simple chairs and tables are enough to work efficiently.

With such a setup, the number of patients treated per camp as well as geographical areas covered per time period become much higher and the positive impact is greater.

The objective of the Mobile Dental Clinic is to bring oral health care to communities where it is most needed.


Each Van and its equipment has an overall cost of 30.000 USD.
Running costs of our Foundation are 40.000 USD/ year.

  • Our objectives for 2016 are:

  • Purchasing at least one vehicle.

  • Treating 2000 patients- 5 to 6 camps-.

  • Including in our camps educational materials and training programs for children in the schools of the regions visited.

  • Developing mechanisms and protocols that will allow us to set up cells in each visited region that will make more efficient our future camps.

  • Last and not least trying to assess presence of Noma – Lepra – in Tanzania as we visit regions with high levels of malnutrition.

What you do with your money creates its value

Our financial goal for this Festival was to generate a profit of 70.000 USD. Our challenge is to create awareness and show what we do on a daily basis. We need to get as much support as possible not only financially but also from Corporations that can help us with in kind donations – Vehicles, fuel, insurance, security, medical equipment, medical consumables-. At first people said it was impossible, we didn’t listen. Now we still hear people tell us it is difficult…. well, we have found the journey so far rather easy thanks to your support. The most difficult part for us has been leaving some places seeing many people that had been standing in line for days and yet, were left unattended due to our lack of time and means.

To download a pdf version of our objectives please click here