Welcome to One World One Smile


One World One Smile is a nonprofit organization based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We are dedicated to providing dental health care and oral hygiene awareness to children and under-resourced communities across Tanzania. Poor oral health is a major risk factor that can escalate the severity of other health issues such as HIV/AIDS and diabetes, both of which are prevalent in Tanzania. In order to prevent complications from oral disease and mortality we seek to bring dental health care to communities where it is most needed.



Big Impact action with DentalSwat

 May 2nd to 14th 2018

 With the purpose in mind to mobilize resources all over the world to change the Dental health panorama in rural Tanzania, OWOS has given birth to DentalSwat, a massive movement to make humanitarian actions more meaningful by making them more powerful.




The impact oral health can have on overall lifespan should not be underestimated.