KidzCare Kerege February 2015

In February 2015 
traveled to Kerge, 40km north of Dar es
 Salaam, to the KidzCare children’s home.
 KidzCare is a non-profit organization that
 provides underprivileged children and orphans 
in Tanzania with housing and education. KidzCare also ensures the overall nutritional
and medical wellbeing of their beneficiaries. 
OWOS partnered with KidzCare to provide
dental treatment to children at the KidzCare run school in Kerege. Not only were children living at the KidzCare home present, but children from the entire village were invited to attend and receive treatment. During the visit the OWOS team performed extractions and provided preventive and restorative treatments as necessary. During the visit over 50 children were examined. 13 of these children were found to have oral health issues requiring further attention. These additional treatments were provided onsite during the visit. In addition to providing treatments OWOS volunteers also taught oral hygiene awareness such as proper tooth brushing techniques. The OWOS team is planning to return to Kerege and visit these patients for follow up and further treatments in August 2015.